Distracting Tactics

If I don’t finish this animation soon I’ll quickly run out of other distracting things to show here daily!

This is another pocket-bag I’m working on at the moment. The green one is finished, and I spent the sunny morning hours trying to take good photos of it. The general idea here is to try and sell some of this stuff on Etsy at some point, so I’m stocking up and doing my research in the meantime.


So far the animation looks terrible. I’m learning A LOT as I go along, and today I realized I made some major mistakes waaaaay at the start. If I start redoing everything from scratch (AGAIN) I will not finish this on time, so I’m just moving on, knowing that it’ll come out looking bad. But seeing how the point of this exercise is to learn how to do puppet animation in Toon Boom, I think I’m accomplishing my goal. Uglily, awkwardly, but I’m getting there 😀

Funny-looking Old Doll

It’s amazing what one might find while rummaging through art boxes looking for some pretty shells! I started this doll back in 2008, think it was the first of its kind, with face, hands and feet sculpted out of DAS clay, and the body crocheted. I learned a lot about building the body with this one, and my following dolls were either built around a strong wire base, or had their limbs attached separately with a movable joint stitch.

I remember abandoning her after getting extremely frustrated with the hair, I couldn’t get it to stay where I wanted it to, and it kept getting horribly tangled up. Still no idea how to work with that stuff 😛


The tip of her nose and one of the ears got chipped after all the moving, but strangely enough I find it endearing… for now. I can’t remember why I started making her though, it wasn’t for any school assignment, but I remember going out to buy all the materials I needed, which I never used for anything else.


I felt a little silly putting a date on her foot at the time, but I’m really glad I did. Wish I datestamped all of my old doll stuff.


And this has been another edition of “I’m still animating, so look at this other thing in the meantime”. Have any of you discovered any old creations lately?

Shiny turtle tortoise doodlidoo?

Shiny paints, shiiiiiiny paaaaaaaaints……
It’s a bit hard to tear myself away from animating to do a doodle to post here… Feels like I’m not using my time efficiently enough, as I’m rushing to finish the 15 second battle entry so that I can finally concentrate on my Boonka animatic instead. The guy who wanted to voice one of my characters got shipped off somewhere, so I spent the last two days recording myself as two different kids. Seeing how I’m no voice actor, I started considering changing the boy into a girl, to possibly make it a little easier for myself, even if it will add a few more hours of work, but then a lightbulb lit up in my tired and sniffling brain, and I downloaded a voice changer (AthTek Voice Changer ver 1.5 to be precise) which seemed to fix my problem.
And since I don’t want to flood the blog with seemingly identical screenshots of my Bad Magic progress, here’s what my Bullet Journal Doodle page looks like currently:


No more Artist Sundays

I’ve decided to stop my Artist Sunday posts for now. I counted at least three different reasons why it’s best for me to not do them any more, and I figured that was enough.

I was hoping to be much further along in my Rubber Onion Battle entry today, but being sick for the past week really held me back. But at least I’ve got the characters down, in all the puppet glory… Except their hands, I figure I’ll just draw them as I go along? I know there’s a proper right way to do it, but I’ve not wrapped my head around that one yet.

Bad Magic chars

I’ll be recording voices later at night, hope I’ll not wake everyone up. So far I’ve found that it sounds best if I cover my head and mic with a blanket. And when I say blanket, I mean my jacket, which is clearly not big enough and keeps slipping off in all the wrong places. Think I best get a proper blanket next time… Damn, I know there are better ways to record voices, but I can’t fit into the tiny shelves of my closet 😦

Arrival Excitement

I finally watched Arrival.
I think I couldn’t stop talking about it for two days straight afterwards, despite my sore throat and choking up a little whenever a child’s death came up. I think I liked every little thing about it, which hasn’t happened to me in years.. I mean the last movie I was this excited about was How to Train Your Dragon, and I was still a bit picky about the kid having a different accent to his father (and pretty much everyone else in the village).
I actually accidentally saw a massive spoiler for Arrival before watching it, which didn’t ruin the experience for me at all, even though I did perceive the story very differently because of it.


How do you guys feel about spoilers? Do you tend to shut yourself away when a new movie comes out, and stay off the internets? Do you angrily shout at whoever spoils films accidentally (or not so much)? Do you eagerly find out as many spoilers and trivia about the movie before watching it so that you can then be a smartypants to the poor souls trying to watch it alongside you?

Another Zoo Day

I wonder what it is about visits to the zoo that drains me so much. I suppose things weren’t really helped by the fact that all of the center has been blocked off for the marathon today, and it took us 3 different buses and a tram to get to our destination…
I came in with great expectations – I brought a sketchbook, camera and my latest crochet project, and naively thought I’d have time for at least two of these activities. Well, I did take some pictures, so there’s that. And since I’m still battling my cutout puppets for March’s Rubber Onion battle, here are a few of the shots I took today:
zoo march 17 2017 1 zoo march 17 2017 2
zoo march 17 2017 3 zoo march 17 2017 4
zoo march 17 2017 5

Spontaneous Haircutting

I wanted to try something new and exciting, so I walked into the first hair chopping place I saw and this pretty much happened:


The results are… interesting. I kind of want to draw another comic page on Eli’s reaction to my new look, but I’ve not yet figured out how to do it best.